The firm has made the international marketplace its main field of action and it has earned its reputation through the nature of its products. The strength of these products is the great professional skill of the workers who are capable of turning the intuitions.

FORMITALIA has started in Quarrata an area well known to connoisseurs of fine furniture and accessories, has made a name for itself throughout the world before officially venturing onto the Italian market. Founded in 1985 as an emanation of another furniture company that had been opened twenty years earlier by Graziano Overi today the ‘Formitalia Group’ is managed by the founder’s two sons (Gianni and David Overi) who, with the cooperation of excellent designers have created the company’s current image.
In Firenze, the manufacture of furniture and leather goods is a tradition that represents local culture as desisted in its handicraft. At Formitalia, modern methods never prevail over manual labor which is taught by the old artisans to the young.

All type of furnitures, large and small home accessories, hand-bags and scarves form only a part of FORMITALA Catalogue. The FORMITALIA collections are reaching for a center of luxury that becomes a lifestyle.